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Planning for a home renovation can be fun and exciting, as you get ready to turn your visions and ideas into reality. At the same time it is wise to give some thought to the “what ifs” of home renovation.


So how do consumers avoid poorly completed renovations? Don't sign any contract until your lawyer has read it over for you. Seriously consider hiring a Certified Home Inspector to check out your home renovation project “before” and  during construction (if you do, have your lawyer include it as a clause in your contract). Careful research, and planning are required while going through the decision making process, a pre-renovation inspection can identify deficiencies that might have been overlooked in the current structure that should be addressed during renovations.


When you include a Certified Home Inspector in your renovation process, you are providing yourself with an objective, trained eye to ensure you are getting what you are paying for. Our post-renovation inspection report can also be shared with your financial or insurance provider as independent confirmation that the work was completed as planned. I will ensure that the renovations meet the specifications you agreed to, and the construction methods used are consistent with industry standards.




Advice on hiring a contractor,


The Canadian Homebuilders Association (CHBA)


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).



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