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Home Maintenance Inspection

Your home is the largest single investment you will likely make in your lifetime. We can lose sight of maintenance issues when dealing with the hectic lives we lead.


Very  few things are maintenance free in any home. Proper preventive maintenance of a home is essential to decreasing future repair costs, and  increasing its value over time. This inspection will focus on maintenance schedules and explaining what the maintenance items are. It will also include recommended upgrades that may be needed.


Maintenance inspections should be done every five to seven years to identify problem areas that need to be addressed. For example, regular inspection of the roof will give the homeowner sufficient  time to find the right contractor by getting several quotes, before a minor repair becomes an emergency.


A maintenance inspection:


  • Provides a guideline for your home maintenance plan

  • Provides advice on effecting repairs

  • Extends the life of a home’s many components by identifying and prioritizing problem areas

  • Can help reduce energy costs and increase comfort

  • Helps avoid major repairs down the road

  • Helps you prepare for the expense of building components that require replacement from time to time.


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